November 21

Found some royalty free jungle sound effects to add to the tiki songs. Did a test listen and they will sound good. "A Spy Walks Into a Bar" sounds pretty good with an organ and I may add a cheesy organ to "Hey Groovy Cats, Let's Go Swinging". Starting Monday I'll be working mainly on the surf songs. "Into the Volcano" is arranged and charted out and "Tiki-La Beach" will get bass and lead. Then I'll start trying to improve any weak guitar parts.

When we lived on the farm in South Dakota, My brother and I would play "race". We'd take every toy car and Tonka truck we had and, starting at the house, have a giant road rally that would finish up at the north end of the tree belt. We'd play with four or five cars at a time making up how their race was going and then move on down the line to the next batch until we reached the end. Then we'd start at the front of the pack again.

That's kind of how I'm approaching this album. Almost daily I'll listen to it in it's entirety noting where something sounds out of place or needs attention. I try to focus my days on which songs need the most attention in the studio. My nights I tweak midi with earbuds. I think I'm about 80% - 85% done with the tracking and the way I'm dealing with the whole album at the same time the mixing should go pretty smoothly. I can't wait for you to hear it and I can tell you're on the edge of your seat.....

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