November 25

I am hitting the wall on the last two songs and can’t seem to make progress. After spending a good amount of time on “Tiki-La Beach” I figured out the reason. I had done the bed tracks in a late night session and, though it sounded good at the time, it didn’t make musical sense. It switched from section to section too fast to let a melody develop and there were too many similar sections. I re-edited the song and that should help. 

“Into the Volcano” has me stumped. I know what I want it to do but I can’t get out of my own way. I have ingrained bad habits in the way I play guitar and all the tracks I’ve done so far sound like senseless noodling. I have a few ideas I’ve come up with to fix it but I think I need a few days away from it to let them percolate. Going to have a good Thanksgiving and start back into things afterward. Happy Thanksgiving!

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