November 11

Happy Veterans Day 
Progress is being made and problems are rearing their head. My wife is working from home in the living room right next to the studio. Even though I’m using the Drum Kat instead of live drums and going direct into Logic instead of amps, the impact of the sticks and even the unamplified guitars are a bother. Yesterday I worked on “Surf Island” and “Hey Groovy Cats, Let’s Go Swinging” and the steady pick on the bass eventually gave her a headache. The rhythm section is done on those though.
The solution I plan to try is to record shorter sections and loop the good ones rather than do take after take of the whole song. I edited the test version of “Crashing the Crest” and, with a little tweaking it should work. I have been working a lot at night on the laptop and the “Tiki” section of the album is about 85% done.

Two more (maybe three) surf songs yet to write. The climatic battle between good and evil, either a love song or chilling on the beach song, and possibly a theme song for a character in my mind called “The Dude”. But those songs aren’t going to write themselves here so I guess I better get back at it.

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