Back Story

This album began as a stress reliever from the Covid pandemic. I started writing little tiki music ideas in the evenings using midi on my laptop as escapism. I gave them inventive names like “Tiki #1”, “Tiki #2”, etc. About the time I got to “Tiki #5” I began thinking about fleshing out the ideas further. 
Another aspect of tiki music is the surf sound. I thought what if I did an old style album with tiki music on one side and surf music on the other? While juggling the idea of surf music versus tiki music, the germ of this concept album came together. Sure, why not? I still have a concept album in the can waiting to be funded and finished, another one can't hurt. So I began writing some surf songs. One thing I was missing was a guitar with a whammy bar for that surf sound. Dan Lund came to my rescue by loaning me a beautiful, hand built Stratocaster with incredible tone. Holy Ventures Shadows of Dick Dale! Time to get serious. 


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